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Symphony-15 is the intelligent collaborative robot, which is available for various & safe collaboration with human by its key features like direct teaching and collision detection.

Eagle Eye 7

Sorter &

Eagle Eye 7 is the high-performance banknote sorter, which is developed by all our accumulated knowledge and experiences in terms of mechatronics and recognition technology.
EE7 is designed with the compact size for space efficiency and the easy user interface for convenient & speedy work at site.

SiriUs II

The New ATM Standard
for Today and Tomorrow
SiriUs II is our latest model targeted for high-end ATM market with advanced functionalities and Puloon’s market proven dispensers. It guarantees reliable & high-level performance and offers competitive pricings for our retail customers.

Automatic Gate

Automatic Control Gate
The gates used by a large number of unspecified customers, such as subways and railroads, must be secured as well as durable and user-secure. Our gates have been installed and operated on a number of subways overseas, including China, Malaysia, India and the United States, and are parallel to the products of the world's largest companies.

Vision of Puloon

Innovative, Challenging & Mutually Growing Partner for the Era of the 4th Industrial Revolution
The destination of our technology innovation is the human being who deserves more comfortable, safer and happier life. In the era of the 4th Industrial Revolution, we promise to play our historical role as core contributor through realization of smart city and smart factory.

Puloon Solution

Collaborative Robot

Robot for Human, Human with Robot

Our collaborative robot solution would be your closest partner, which becomes additional arm and hand to you. Above all, it enables to help you in the manufacturing and asssembly though multi-degree of freedom handling, innovative vision system and efficient robot software platform. Make your powerful friend with our robot.