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PULOON Technology Inc.
Creates More Comfortable and
Much Smarter Future for You.

Puloon Technology is a company striving to improve human life.
Established in July 1997, Puloon Technology, a KOSDAQ-listed company, is one of the best companies in Korea with
R&D and product development capabilities.
With proprietary mechatronics and automatic identification technologies,
we have earned a high reputation in the areas of banking automation and automatic fare collection (AFC).


Puloon Technology is a company striving to improve human life.

We are currently working hard to expand overseas with an aim of becoming one of the world's top-class companies in the areas we do business in.
We will do our utmost to develop and supply reliable products and services that our customers
all across the world can be fully satisfied.

Puloon Strength

PULOON is the first compnay in Korea, which has developed all kinds of modules for ATM like a bill acceptor, a bill escrow unit, a check processing unit, a passbook printer and even cash dispenser modules. Also we are the technology leader in AFC and has proved our capability with the high-speed train gate system, sector doors, automatic gates and TVMs. In addition, we are actively pursuing new areas such as security products and robots with unlimited potential for future growth.

Puloon Solution

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