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Automatic Gate

Through our automatic gate door, you don't have to give any more efforts to pass the narrow way.
The safest and most reliable door would be installed with our products in your way.

Automatic Gate AG Series

Automatic Control Gate

The gates used by a large number of unspecified customers, such as subways and railroads, must be secured as well as durable and user-secure. Our gates have been installed and operated on a number of subways overseas, including China, Malaysia, India and the United States, and are parallel to the products of the world's largest companies.
Applied Solutions
#Digital Transportation


  • - Accepting and Collecting RF Token as One Time Ticket
  • - Design Considering Passenger Safety at Highest Priority
  • - Reading, Checking & Verifying of Contactless Card During Processing
  • - Available Two Types of Gates (Normal or Wide)


Model ACG Series
Cabinet (Enclosure) Dimension(mm) Normal : 2000(W)×1100(H)×280(D)
Wide : 2000(W)×1100(H)×300(D)
  • 1) Material: Stainless steel, Finishing: Vibration
  • 2) Plastic top cover (for Entry, Exit, Dummy)
Electronic Control Unit (ECU) Processor Soldered onboard Intel® Atom D510 1.66GHz
Disk Compact Flash : 2GB
Sector Door Type Normal Type Wide Type
Operation speed ≤ 0.5 sec ≤ 0.7 sec
Material Polyurethane Foam
Token Capturing Unit (TCU) Token Container Capacity 1000 pieces/container, Customization Available
Passenger Information Display(PID) Type LCD Screen
Screen Size 6.5 Inch (Diagonal)
End display LED Red, Green, Blue, Yellow
Passenger Detecting Sensor Sensor 20 sets
Power Supply Unit(PSU) Input voltage (V) AC176 ~ 265
Uninterrupted Power Supply(UPS) Rated Capacity 750VA (500W)
Concession Lamp LED Yellow/ Red/ Green