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Automatic Gate

Through our automatic gate door, you don't have to give any more efforts to pass the narrow way.
The safest and most reliable door would be installed with our products in your way.

Gate Door Module Bi-Parting Door

Sector Door (SSD)

Sector Door is the most reliable passenger control gate door installed in ACG(Automatic Control Gate) in subway or train station. Puloon's Sector Door is easy to set to AGM with its simple mechanism and also very convenient for the maintenance.
Applied Solutions
#Digital Transportation


  • - Compact Structure with High Flexibility
  • - Convenient Maintenance
  • - Fast and Swift Movement for Smooth Circulation of Passenger
  • - Designed to Prevent from Safety Accidents of Passenger
  • - Automatic Recovery to an Aisle Open in case of Emergency Situation


Model SSD
Power Transmission Link, Crank, Worm Gear Mechanism
Drive Unit DC Motor & DC Brake
Working Mode Normal Open & Normal Close
Opening/Closing Speed ≤ 0.6sec
Control Method Input of TTL-Level Signal
Command I/O 3 Control Signal(Input), Magnetic Sensor Status(Output)
1 Emergency Signal(Input/Output)
Operating Environment Temp. 0℃ ~ 45℃
Humidity 10%~95% RH