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Automatic Gate

Through our automatic gate door, you don't have to give any more efforts to pass the narrow way.
The safest and most reliable door would be installed with our products in your way.

Gate Door Module Sliding Door

Sliding Door Module (SDM)

Sliding Door is the high-end passenger control gate door installed at the ACG (Automatic Control Gate) in airport or security area. Puloon's Swing Door features extremely soft, quick and reliable operation.
Applied Solutions
#Digital Transportation


  • - Ultra-quiet Operation
  • - Permits Natural Walk-through with Fast Processing
  • - Durability Guarantees more than 5 million Trouble-free Operations
  • - Convenient Maintenance


Model Sliding Door Module (SDM)
Driving Mechanism Link, Crank, Worm Gear Mechanism
Motor DC Motor / BLDC Motor
Operation Mode Normal Open & Normal Close
Operation Speed 0.8sec ~ 2.0sec
Command Method Input of TTL-Level Signal
Motor Drive Power External DC+24V/3.75A Max(Optional AC/DC SMPS)
Control Board Power External DC+24V(±10%)/3.5A Max
Command I/O 3 Control Signal(Input), Proximity Sensor(Output)
Door Dimension 280(W) × 1000(H) × 12(T) mm
Door Material 12mm Tempered Glass
Operating Temperature 0℃ ~ 45℃