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Automatic Gate

Through our automatic gate door, you don't have to give any more efforts to pass the narrow way.
The safest and most reliable door would be installed with our products in your way.

Gate Door Module Swing Door

Swing Door (SD)

Swing Door is the efficient and practical control gate door installed at the ACG (Automatic Control Gate) in subway, train or security area. Puloon's Swing Door is simple and easy mechanism for installation, operation and maintenance.
Applied Solutions
#Digital Transportation


  • - Maximizing flexibility with Ultra-small design
  • - Servo motor, easy to maintain, MCBF up to 10 million times
  • - Smooth, quick and agile movements for passenger flow
  • - Design to protect passengers in the event of a security incident
  • - Emergency switch available / automatic door open & Close


Model Swing Door (SD)
Open/Close Type Horizontal rotation open and close method / / Rotation angle 90±2°
Position control method Potentiometer
Emergency Automatic Door Open
Operation Speed 0.4 s (0.3s ~ 1s) Adjustable speed
MCBF / MTTR 1,000,000 Times
Life time 10,000,000
Door Force Open 400 ±30% N
Door Close Impact ≤ 150 N
Serial Interface 2Ports of RS232(MAIN 1EA,DEBUG 1EA)
Motor Drive BLDC Motor Speed Control
MCU ARM Cortex M4 32-Bit Microprocessor
  • - Up to 1Mbytes Flash memory (Internal)
  • - Up to 192Kbytes SRAM (Internal)
  • - 128Kbits EEPROM (External)
Operation Temperature -20℃ ~ 50℃
Dimension 962±2.0mm (H) x 260±2.0mm (L) x 80±2.0mm (W)
Aisle Width 550mm(Normal), 900mm(Wide)
Weight ≤ 18.5kg / ≤ 21.5kg