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The people living in modern life desire high-level security and safety without physical contact or inspection.
Our equipments and devices would meet such necessary contitions without customer inconveneince.

Security Equipment Bio-ID Detector

Bio ID Detector

BIO ID Detector is the access control module with high security level through compound authentication (bio + card), applying high-speed facial recognition algorithm, modularizing components, and easily installing on various gates and hardware.
Applied Solutions


  • - Ergonomic design considering the user's environment.
  • - High-security level through compound authentication (card authentication + face authentication)
  • - Quick face recognition algorithm to authenticate the user within 1 second
  • - Providing user convenience through guide monitor and LED indicator
  • - Easy to configure and install for all types of gates and hardware with modular components
  • - Saving the information of 200,000 users at max (facial feature points + text information)


Model Bio ID Detector
Camera 2M Pixel(IR Mode Option)
  • - 10.1 Inch IPS
  • - 1280 x 800
RF Reader(External)
  • - Mifare
  • - 14443-A/B
CPU Quad Core Cortex-A17 @1.8Ghz
Memory 2GB DDR3
Flash 8GB eMMC Flash
Ethernet 100/1000M, RJ45 Interface
  • - Wiegand x 2Port
  • - RS-232 x 1Port
  • - RS-485(Option)
Power 12V/1.5A
Dim 310mm x 267.5mm x 160mm
Operating Temp 0℃ ~ 50℃