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Collaborative Robot

The artificial partner could help you and take part in the your heavy working or complicated operation.
Collaborative robots are here to support you anywhere.

7-Axis Collaborative Robot SYMPHONY-I

7-Axis Collaborative Robot

Symphony-I is the lightweight and intelligent 7-axis collaborative robot, which is available for various & safe collaboration with human by its key features like direct teaching and collision detection.
Applied Solutions


  • - High Payload to Light Weight
  • - Joint Torque Sensor Implemented
  • - Easy Maintenance by Modularization
  • - Optimal Operation by 7 Deg. of Freedom
  • - Real Time Communication on EtherCAT
  • - PC Based Controller and API for External Control


Item Specification (Robot)
Overall arm length 1,165mm
Maximum motion area 681mm
Mount Floor/Wall/Ceiling mount
Motion range J1/J3/J5/J7 : ±170º, J2/J4/J6 : ±120º
Maximum speed J1/J2: 100º/s, J3/J4: 120º/s, J5: 150º/s, J6/J7: 180º/s
Maximum payload 5kg
Position repeatability X,Y,Z Each direction: 0.1mm
Position detection Incremental / Absolute Encoder
Drive motor / brake Full-axis DC Servo(BLDC) motor
Full-axis Brake
Weight 24kg

Item Specification (Robot Controller)
Controllable axes 7
Control mode Position Control
External signals(I/O) DI : 16port
DO : 16port
External EMG : 1
External communication EtherNet: 1port, RS-232: 1port
Cables Body Cable - Standard: 4m
Power cable - Standard: 5m
Environmental conditions Temperature 0~40℃, Humidity Less than 90%
Power supply Single phase AC220V±10%, 60Hz
Weight 13kg