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Banking & Payment

The easiest and most reliable payment is done by cash.
Our cash & payment products could contribute to your efficient cash management and convenient payment method in your life.

Banknote Sorter & Counterfeit Detector EAGLE EYE 7

banknote sorter

Eagle Eye 7 is the high-performance banknote counter, which is developed by all our accumulated knowledge and experiences in terms of mechatronics and recognition technology. EE7 is designed with the compact size for space efficiency and the easy user interface for convenient & speedy work at site.
Applied Solutions
#Smart Banking & Retail


  • - Compact & Modern Design
  • - 5” Touch Screen Display
  • - High Speed Value Counting
  • - Multi-Currency Processing
  • - Powerful Fitness Sorting (Option)
  • - Reliable Serial Number Recognition (Option)


Pockets 2 Pocket
Hopper Capacity 500 notes (Extendable)
Stacker Capacity 200 notes
Reject Capacity 100 notes
Speed Value counting 1,000 notes/min.
Fitness Sorting 1,000 notes/min.
Serial No.Recognition 800 notes/min.
Display 5”Touch LCD
Interface 2 Serial ports
USB1.1, USB2.0, LAN
Dimension 273 x 277 x 283 mm
Weight 7.5 kg
Power 100~240V AC, 50/60Hz


Brochure EE7_Brochure 2018 . 11 . 28