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For all passengers and travllers, the transporation ticket should be ealsily processed and convenient like our products, which guides commuters to comfortable life every day.

Automatic Ticket Vending Machine ATVM

Ticket Vending Machine

ATVM is Automatic Ticket Vending Machine and provides the automiatc fare collection service like issuing or top-up of the train or subway tickets. The customer could purchase or recharge the ticket with coin, banknotes or credit card on ATVM.
Applied Solutions
#Digital Transportation


  • - Coins, Banknotes and Credit/Debit Card Available
  • - CST(Contactless Smart Token)/CSC(Contactless Smart Card) Issuance
  • - Front side Maintenance


Model AVTM
Dimension 1000(W)×1800(H)×800(D)
Material Exterior ANSI 304 grade Stainless steel 2.0mm
Finishing Vibration
Door Front door type (two-door ), Front door with key-lock & Switch
CPU Soldered onboard Intel® Atom D510 1.66GHz
LCD Screen Resolution 1280 × 1024 , Pixels RGB
View Area 376.32(H) × 301.056(V)
Banknote Validator 13 denominations of bank notes
Fast transaction time : 2 seconds
Escrow Max. 15 banknotes escrow
Vault Banknote vault for up to 6,000 banknotes.
Coin Validator Max. 10 Types of Coin Acceptable
Escrow Min. 20 coins of any valid denomination
Hopper 8types of coin hoppers available
Door Front door type (two-door)
Power Voltage : Single AC220~240V
+10%/-15%Frequency: 50 Hz ± 1.2 Hz(2%)
Consumption Power Normal : About 350Watt, Max. : About 500Watt
Environment Temperature:Outside 0℃ ~ 45℃